Flint Hills Garlic Farm  WE ARE SOLD OUT!!!
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Welcome to Flint Hills Garlic Farm, located in Lyon County Kansas, the gateway to the fabulous and famous Flint Hills.  At this time we are SOLD OUT  .  We want to thank you for visiting our site, and we assure you that you will find only garlic of the utmost quality and flavor offered here in our store for your enjoyment. Feel free to browse our site, and contact us with any questions.  All orders will be processed and shipped promptly.

Welcome to the Garlic Farm!!   WE ARE  CERTIFIED NATURALLY GROWN!!!

  • Here at Flint Hills Garlic Farm we are growing the very best of the best  in flavorful garlic and we are doing it naturally.  We are a Certified Naturally Grown provider using no chemicals at all in the growing and managing of our crop. Fresh and bursting with flavor is what Flint Hills Garlic Farm has to offer. We provide great tasting hard neck variety garlics of the highest quality available. Treat yourself today with a purchase from our delicious offerings. At Flint Hills Garlic Farm you are sure to enjoy the friendly service, affordable prices, and great tasting varieties.

Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey at Flint Hills Garlic Farm.